Care Home Fire Safety

Due to a decline in fire services across the UK, it is important to understand better the need for better practices in care home fire safety.

Between 2011-2016, funding for national fire services was reduced by amounts ranging from 26%, up to 39% depending on the area. Over the same period, some 11,000+ fire-fighting roles have disappeared.

This situation means that it is more important than ever to have an understanding of fire safety principles, and knowledge of prevention methods that could prove critical in both preventing and dealing with workplace fires.

This article discusses some simple steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of fires breaking out in residential care homes and the general workplace.

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Fire Safety in Care Homes

Over the past decade, over 11,000 front-line fire-fighting jobs have disappeared. Having a personal level of experience with fire safety practices in the current climate is important, but this goes doubly if not more so for care homes, especially given that there is specific legislation in place. This article seeks to outline some general fire safety guidance, before going deeper into what is required in a care home setting. Continue reading “Fire Safety in Care Homes”