Osteoarthritis – different types of arthritis

There are approximately 10 million people in the UK currently suffering from one of the various kinds of arthritis. 9 million of these suffer from osteoarthritis. Children, adults, and elderly people all suffer from the condition, which causes inflammation and pain in joints There are dozens of different types of arthritis, each with their own … Continue reading “Osteoarthritis – different types of arthritis”

Microlearning in the Care Sector

Microlearning brings technology and training together and is ideal for the fast paced care sector. If you don’t know what microlearning is, now would be a good time to start. Do you find that your staff always struggle to set time aside for training? Do they always have other priorities the day your regular provider … Continue reading “Microlearning in the Care Sector”

Mental health and young people – does the UK care?

According to recent statistics in the UK, a sixth of the adult population have a diagnosed mental health illness. The problem with the figures though, according to NHS Digital, is that in reality they probably don’t even scratch the surface. Taking into account undiagnosed depression and post traumatic stress disorder, it is estimated that closer … Continue reading “Mental health and young people – does the UK care?”

Palliative Care – What is Palliative Care?

A certainty of life is that, sooner or later, it must unfortunately come to an end for us all. Palliative care (better known – though mistakenly so – as end of life care) exists to make sure this passing can come as peacefully and comfortably as possible. It is important to be aware of what … Continue reading “Palliative Care – What is Palliative Care?”

Understanding Private Duty Nursing

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), 50 million people worldwide have Dementia, with 10 million new cases every year.  These individuals often need around the clock care.  While families often bare the burden, care assistants providing private duty nursing can also be of benefit in these circumstances. In many of our lives, a loved one … Continue reading “Understanding Private Duty Nursing”