Online Training – Why Care homes should use Online Care Courses

Online Training - Why Care homes should use online courses

Quality patient care is the objective of every care management team. To achieve this requires careful planning, long-term commitment and working within a tight budget. More importantly, it requires highly skilled staff with a dedication to a career that can be extremely stressful. Skills that can be honed or developed further through online training.

A study by the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee found that 48 per cent of care staff leaves within a year of starting. While pay and working hours are a factor, the lack of career development and training is often a recurring complaint within the industry.

Investing in your employees through Online Care Courses can make the difference.

The following is a list of reasons why Online Training as a sector is growing monthly.

Online Training – Why should Care homes consider it to alternative traditional terms.

Lower costs to the provider

Face-to-face training has become outdated.  It is inconvenient and, in a sector, where many employees have different schedules it can be difficult to arrange one time that suits all.

You may need to run multiple sessions due to the number of employees.  Each trainer aided session increases the cost.  Likewise, off-site training would require transport and time lost during travel.

With online training, employees can access their courses from anywhere, cutting costs dramatically. Furthermore, enrolling many employees can often attract large discounts due to fewer required overheads.

Convenience for staff, peace of mind for the employer

Online training is available 24/7.  Training can be arranged around work schedules at short notice.  All you need is access to the internet and a PC / Laptop.  Nowadays it can even be done using tablets and smart phones.

With online learning, employees can arrange when and where they take training at a pace that suits them. Each person absorbs and processes information at differing speeds. This is often why tutor-based training fails. Interactive online courses provide staff with active learning, helping to increase their retention of course material.

Consistency across the workforce

Trainers are human. Mistakes made by them can result in confusion or aspects of a course requiring revisiting.  All of which increases the cost. Even if the trainer admits they’ve made a mistake and offers a free session, you’ve lost twice as much time on the same subject for each staff member attending. Online training delivers the exact content to all employees every time in a consistant and structured manner.

Tailored, bespoke training

Each care worker has a set of skills.  Each care worker will need to add to this skillset based on their job and in particular their patients needs. Not every employee will require the exact training at the same time. Our platform allows training to be tailored to the specialities of the individual.  Some canidates may need the care certificate, others may need to know how to use a cathetar or how to appraise a staff member.  With an online care training subscription, you can pick and choose the right solution.

As an employer, you are investing in areas of their development that makes them feel valued while increasing the efficiency of your core business.

Online Training – Course Content Accuracy

Online courses are designed to provide current information in a concise format. They are constantly revised, unlike traditional literature (printed books, white papers, training manuals etc), to ensure that every user receives the most accurate information possible.

Trainers often need to complete refresher courses to stay up-to-date – they therefore may not know the latest changes that have been written to law. With online training, you can be confident that your staff can access current legislation and stay up-to-date with modern and safe healthcare practices.

Completion and Feedback

Upon completion, employees will receive immediate results and feedback. Users can track their progress and revisit areas of misunderstanding before completing the assessment. Our online platform tracks what has been read and where the candiate is in the process, meaning they can easily return to a page at a later date.

Additionally, we can provide each successful candidate with a certificate of course completion when they pass the assessment on each online training course. This is a certificate that proves the candidate has completed a course.

The certificates act as evidence of compliance and professional development. These can be used by the Care provider to show the CQC (Care Quality Commission) that the organisation is working towards excellence.  Many courses also contribute to CPD hours as 35 hours per three year registration period for a nurse or midwife are required on an ongoing basis.

Online Care Courses offer specialised care related training courses online, with high volume discounts at a fraction of the cost of traditional teaching.

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