Epilepsy Awareness – how can you help spread the word

Epilepsy is one of the most common brain disorders, which is also the most neglected and misunderstood. In this disorder, our brain feels a sudden transitory disturbance, which can lead to generalized fits in the whole body, all at once, including our face and the four limbs. In certain cases, it can cause fits on a certain limb or its part; for example, on an arm, foot or muscle of the face. In addition, it may also affect a certain part of your body at first and then the other part of the body also shows the same symptoms. The aim of this article is to offer suggestions on how to help inform others about the disorder increasing Epilepsy awareness worldwide.

In many cases of epilepsy in children, they may only go through momentary unconsciousness, which is called petit mal epilepsy. It is caused by disturbance of brain’s consciousness. Similarly, these disturbances may affect our other senses. For example, one may experience momentary bright lights or dots if their sense of sight gets disturbed or they can hear abnormal noises if their sense of hearing is disturbed. Epilepsy can also cause sensations in internal organs, which can cause a disturbance in the middle and upper part of their abdomen. It can also cause some other sensory sensations including burning, pricking or tearing in any part of the skin.

Epilepsy can also cause mental distress, which can make the patient feel terrorised or frightened of something. It may also make them feel that their body part or part of the limb is growing abnormally as compared to the other parts of the body, getting shorter or is not present at all. It can sink the patient in a dream-like taste due to the feeling of unreality and depersonalisation.

Epilepsy, despite being a common disease, is often missed at point of diagnosis. Therefore, there is important to help raise awareness regarding the condition. Spotting tell-tale signs may help lead to treatment quicker. You can also play your part in spreading the awareness of this disorder. Wondering how? Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can help to spread the awareness of epilepsy.

  • The first thing you can do is to become a member of any special organisation/foundation that is formed for the purpose of spreading the awareness about this disease. These foundations often carry out campaigns in different parts of the world to make people aware of this disorder.
  • You can also bring to use your social media feeds for this purpose. For example, you can share a useful article on epilepsy on your timeline or you can invite your friends to join a special cause promoting awareness of this disease.
  • Since a seizure can happen at any time to anyone; therefore, you can play your part by making sure that your workplace and/or school is equipped with the proper seizure first aid kit.
  • You can also spread around the information in your community on what to do when someone around them experience fits/seizures.

Even if you’ve never come into contact with someone with Epilepsy, or have been lucky enough not to experience it yourself, you can help raise awareness by following the tips above.

www.Online-Care-Courses.co.uk offer an introduction to Epilepsy Awareness covering key questions such as “What is epilepsy?”, “What causes epilepsy?” as well as identifying the signs, symptoms and common triggers.

If you are interested in fund raising or joining a group as suggested above, please go to https://www.epilepsysociety.org.uk/ for further information.


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